Aug 25 2014

Hisense signs on

The future of Hisense Arena is secured following the signing of a three year deal between naming rights partner Hisense, Melbourne & Olympic Parks and Tennis Australia. A signing ceremony held today was attended by Dr Lin Lan, CEO of Hisense International, Russell Caplan, Chair of Melbourne & Olympics Parks Trust, and Craig Tiley, CEO […]

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Aug 05 2014

Melbourne United make Hisense Arena home venue

Melbourne United will strengthen the pulse of the city’s sporting heart by making Hisense Arena and Margaret Court Arena their home venues. CEO of Melbourne and Olympic Parks, Brian Morris, said the long-term partnership would secure the precinct as the home of Melbourne United. “Melbourne United is set to draw a loyal following here at […]

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Nov 12 2014

Mundine VS Rabchenko

Mundine to play Russian Roulette in high stakes fight!

Dec 05 2014

Australian Dancesport Championship

Experience the Glitz and the Glamour as the stars of DanceSport kick up their heels at the annual 69th Australian DanceSport Championship.

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